Jasper Eales Original aims to provide interpretive design solutions, which are eco-friendly and essential to contemporary lifestyles. With essentialism and sustainability considered, it ensures the timelessness of each creation.

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Jasper Eales


"I was first introduced to the idea of becoming a Product Designer during the latter years of schooling where Design was the subject I excelled in most. I proceeded with a degree in Industrial Design at CPUT and, after completing the course, my career path became clear.

I am a man of the outdoors and thrive in and amongst natural surroundings. This directly links to my work, as all my offerings are a manifestation of my conscience towards the environment. Whether it’s the re-use and up-cycle of materials, applying sustainable mediums, or using alternative manufacturing procedures geared towards environmentally friendly solutions - I have always integrated and entwined these principles in one way or another.

A need for functionality, usability and simplicity is the general starting point of all my products. Never over design something, rather refine it to its simplest functioning form and take it from there."- Jasper Eales